Learn to analyze available sources, prioritize, and identify growth points


This course is suitable


For beginners

Through our course, you will master the fundamentals of effective digital PR. You will learn to analyze sources, prioritize, and identify growth points.


For everyone working with communications

We will assist you in effectively utilizing digital tools to enhance brand visibility and establish long-term relationships.


For business leaders

Our course will help business leaders master digital PR skills to strengthen their brand reputation and enhance competitiveness.



Olivia Wilson

PR Director


John Smith


Course program

6 video lessons, extended articles, additional material, and homework assignments

Lesson 1. Introduction

lecture · extended articles

12 minutes

Lesson 2. Strategy. Goals, audience, and competitors

lecture · extended articles · homework assignments

40 minutes

Lesson 3. Strategy. Basics, tools, and channels

lecture · extended articles · homework assignments

30 minutes

Lesson 4. Content

lecture · extended articles · homework assignments

20 minutes

Lesson 5. The role of the website in communications

lecture · extended articles

35 minutes

Lesson 13. Tactics, planning, and analytics

lecture · extended articles · homework assignments

40 minutes



Creating a PR plan and analyzing results

We will share our work principles and offer guidance on crafting a PR plan and analyzing outcomes effectively.


Using appropriate tools and channels

We will teach you to select tools tailored to your tasks, demonstrate audience and competitor analysis, devise realistic strategies, and achieve planned outcomes.


Working with website and social media content

We will explain how to handle content, develop a social media presence from scratch, set up targeted advertising, and convey the company's values to users through creative means.



Michael Johnson

I really like the useful information in the chats and groups, as well as the feedback from the course curators. There are numerous assignments in the course, and a huge number of participants in one chat.


Christopher Brown

The curators are always helpful, and they even record videos explaining mistakes in assignments, which makes learning much easier.


Daniel Williams

The quality of the material and the speakers is top-notch. They explain things in an engaging and concise manner. Plus, the course curators provide quick feedback.


Emily Davis

I had a great experience with the course. Videos were clear and concise, information was presented excellently, and everything was very easy to understand. Thank you!

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